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we are?

We are a UK not-for-profit organisation focused on delivering sustainable healthcare in Burkina Faso. We aim to become the in-country specialist healthcare provider and to have developed the local resource to be able to do this.

All profits are reinvested to improve the offering and to ensure that those unable to pay for healthcare can still access treatment.

Sustainability is key:

– We believe that economic sustainability requires establishing a commercial proposition in order to avoid dependency.

– And we believe that long term sustainability means developing local human resource so that they take ownership of their own development.

We are delivering on both these fronts:

– We have agreements with health insurance providers, giving them an in-country option versus the expensive alternative of sending their customers abroad.

– We have a scholarship program training and supporting specialist doctors and technicians across a range of disciplines.

Healthcare delivery

The Eureka Polyclinic in Bobo Dioulasso is a 4 storey, secondary level health unit that opened in January 2016. In a country where the healthcare infrastructure is under-invested we made the decision to integrate with the state as opposed to operating in our own orbit. We believe this is crucial to overall improvement of healthcare provision in the country.


Eureka provides health consultancy services across a range of specialisations:

General Practitioner













Eureka has a well-equipped laboratory providing lab services (e.g. blood tests) to both Eureka customers and 3rd parties who have no laboratory.


Eureka has a pharmacy embedded in the hospital that currently only serves Eureka customers. A license is being sought to open the pharmacy to the general public.


We believe that developing the health human resource is of fundamental importance for the long-term expansion and sustainability of healthcare in Burkina Faso.

There is a deep healthcare crisis in Burkina Faso because of under-investment in the training of medical professionals.

1 NURSE per 2,000 people (UK: 17)

1 DENTIST per 500,000 (UK: 269)

1 PHARMACY worker per 50,000 people (UK: 40)

1 DOCTOR per 20,000 people (UK: 57)

In pursuit of this, since 2016, efforts have focused on training the following:

2 ophthalmologists

1 paediatrician

1 cardiologist

1 equipment technician

1 orthopaedist

2 dentists

1 optometrist

Collaborate with us

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