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We are a UK registered not-for-profit organisation focused on delivering sustainable healthcare in Burkina Faso. We are very focused on three key principles, SUSTAINABILITY, LOCAL COMMUNITY AND PARTNERSHIP.

We are building an economic and human resource self-sufficiency organization run locally by local proffessionals and led by the community. The Burkina Health Foundation is about backing local management teams: providing the technical knowledge and experience across medicine, management, and governance. We work with others to accelerate and broaden our impact. That includes NGO’s who share our vision and can use our facilities as a hub to introduce new services. It also includes government health agencies.

Where are we?

Burkina Faso is a sub Saharan country, ranked 184 of 191 in the UN’s Human Development Index of 2021 – 2022. Its economy is fundamentally agricultural and more than 40% of the population lives beneath the poverty line.

The deteriorating security situation since 2015 has exacerbated the problems of an already very poor country and many of the country’s 2 million displaced.persons are in Bobo Dioulasso where the Eureka Hospital is based.



A world where everyone has access to quality healthcare.



Our Mission is to deliver sustainable healthcare services by strengthening local capacity, developed in partnership, run by the community for the community.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations provide a useful framework when thinking about how to improve and sustain global development. Our work is mainly focused on number 3 “Good Health and well being” and 17 “Partnership for the goals”.

Who we are


Cova is a public health specialist with a background in clinical ophthalmology. After 10 years in the NHS, she started working in higher education research and eye care programmes at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and at several NGOs. She has established eye care programmes in Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean.


Aidan has a BSc degree in mechanical engineering, an MSc in international development and is an accredited Chartered Accountant. Aidan has been working with Eugene in Burkina Faso for over 15 years, fundraising and developing partnerships with other NGOs and helping to establish an experienced management team. He is married to fellow trustee Dr Covadonga Bascaran.


Ana has a degree in Economics and Business Administration, holds a Masters in Politics and International Relations as well as a Management Development Program from IESE Business School. She is a professional with more than 15 years’ experience in the economical-financial field, used to working in multinational environments, with high quality standards and leading multifunctional teams.


Charlie Collins is a public servant with over 20 years’ experience in defense and reconstruction. He has a Law Degree from Bristol University and an MA from King’s College London and has worked in several developing countries in West Africa and Asia.

How it

first started

Burkina Health Foundation

Eureka Foundation has been founded on thirty years of strong friendship between a Burkinabé and a British national. During this period, it has been underpinned by:

    • Several quick impact projects with the help of friends and partners .
    • The raising of living standards in several villages across a range of measures: drinking water wells, improved agricultural methods, training and management of female groups.
    • Support to schools and health facilities in villages: repair and enlargement of schools, supply of teaching and medical materials.

From 2013 onwards the sole focus has been sustainable healthcare.

Health: the heart of our support to society:


Pre 2015: start of scholarship programme.

9 medical students provided with support for postgraduate studies allowing them to specialise across a range of disciplines.

2015: founding of the Eureka Medical Centre.


2016: first agreement with the Ministry of Health.


2020: birth of the Eureka Foundation.


2022: second agreement with the Ministry of Health.


2015 – 2022: the following was achieved:

- Significant level of service with twelve functional departments established.

- The Centre’s professionalism recognised and rewarded by the local authorities.

- Management of the Eureka Medical Centre entirely in competent local hands.

- By Burkinabés, for Burkinabés: a significant first, hence the name Eureka!

- More than 30,000 consultations to date and 20,000 people on the database.

A sustainable model, independent both in terms of finance and human resource

Our partners


Vision Mundi, the Spanish charity committed to fighting blindness in developing nations, is partnering with us to provide specialist eye services at our Eureka clinic. Vision Mundi is currently active in Bolivia, Peru and Kenya and shares the same values of community-led sustainable services that we do.


Our primary partner in the challenge to improve health and in training our workforce. Our partnership is regulated by 5 years agreements, recently renewed.


The ALMT makes targeted grants to organisations working towards its shared mission to mitigate the suffering of children worldwide.

Collaborate with us

Burkina Health Foundation would love your support.